System Integration


     With connectivity and information at the core of most processes today, seamless integration across multiple platforms and equipment is pertinent. Easy access to business processes and data is imperative to both product quality and your team’s ability to function successfully. Through carefully selected partners in equipment and software we are able to provide reliable solutions for automation and system integration. As a team we are capable of providing our customers with forward thinking solutions that promote user-friendliness and ease of use while achieving the project requirements.

     From the onset of programmable logic controllers in the early 90’s we have continually evolved our abilities to keep abreast of todays most current technologies. From equipment automation to remote data acquisition we have built up a repertoire of industry partners to help provide solutions to our customers that are economic and effective. With the continued evolution of mobile devices we have also continued our learning to be capable of providing solutions that allow for notifications via text message and email as well as native phone and tablet applications.


Control System Design & Build


Built in accordance with local authorities and designed specifically for each application



Cross platform development suitable for various applications

HMI/Touchscreen Interfaces


Easy to use and graphically appealing user interfaces

SCADA/Desktop Applications


PC based applications with high level control, trending and integration

Network Infrastructure


Network architecture that provides reliability and access to your systems

Cellular Connectivity


Providing connectivity in remote or hard to reach locations

Remote Access & Notifications


Access to system information offsite with emailed or text notifcations

Past Projects

    Bypass Pumping Systems

    Plant Alarm Management

    Legacy Control System Retrofits

    iOS and Mobile Integration

    Chemical Spraying Systems

    "Appassimento" Drying Chamber

    Multi-Vendor Machine Integration

    Refrigeration Chiller Control

    Food Tempering Environment

    Ripening Rooms

    Plant Refrigeration Monitoring

    Multi-Site Ceullar Alarming Strategy