Ripening Rooms


     For over 30 years the MTX ripening design has been implemented around the world by leading edge distributors of fresh produce. Our ripening systems have evolved over time and today lead the industry in both functionality and energy efficiency. Effective ripening is achieved through diligent design derived from decades of experience. Our engineered systems ensure that produce ripens evenly, and meets our customers expectation of colour stages, appearance and minimal dehydration.

     The MTX ripening system can be built in single, double and triple tier configurations. With this modular approach our systems can be specifically designed to meet our customers requirements. Through efficient design MTX ripening systems ensure proper airflow throughout the product during all stages of the ripening process. Our goal is to ensure top quality produce with minimal waste.

Consideration has been given to the operators of our system to ensure ease of use from recipe selection to product monitoring. Rooms are built to be easy to load and unload along with simple capacity management. Good lighting and aisle space allows for product inspection with options for walkways and ladders in multi-tier installations.

     With our ongoing commitment to sustainable design we have incorporated the following features to reduce energy consumption and improve product quality:

System Features

Variable Speed Drives


Pressure fans speed up and slow down based on product stage, room loading, and packaging

Positive Pallet Sealing


Durable pallet sealing systems create a postive seal against the high pressure side of the pallet

Efficient Cooling Systems


Energy efficient cooling systems that react to the room requirements while maintaining low energy costs and maximizing performance

Partial Loading


As rooms become partially unloaded, zones can be closed thereby reducing system requirements and increasing energy savings

CO2 Venting


Venting based on the CO2 value in the room eliminates unnecessary ventilation cycles and increases room efficiency

Easy to Use


Software that has been designed with the operator in mind. Easily enter recipes, change control setpoints and more.

Variable Room Configurations


Rooms can be constructed in various configurations to suit both the customers requirements and facility constraints.

Remote Access & Notifications


Access to information when you need it with specific alarm generated emails to notify your team of active faults.

Facilities can opt for integrated facility monitoring and control solutions that allow for centralized management both locally and remote. Alarms can be generated to maintenance personal and technicians via email and SMS. Access to facility information gives more control over your process allowing for informed decisions to be made during normal operation or during off hours.

     We can provide solutions for any project whether it is an addition, retrofit or a turnkey installation. Our team is willing to rise to the challenge and meet any program or budget constraint. MTX continues to invest further in developing cutting edge ripening systems that meet both todays demand while still maintaining quality and innovative design.