Rapid Cooling


     Rapid coolers are based off of the same premise of design as our MTX pressurized ripening rooms. Products that require core temperatures to be reduced in a short period of time are excellent applications of our forced air rapid coolers.

     In order to achieve optimal core temperature reduction in a small interval of time, the cooling capacity and fan power are increased from that of traditional pressurized rooms. The increased fan power produces higher volumes of air being forced by the product, ensuring equal temperature distribution across pallets within the room.

System Features

High Relative Humidity


Rooms designed to maintain high humidity and minimize product weight loss

Temperature Control


Accurate temperature management allowing for maintained temperatures during cooling

Forced Air


Pressurized room design ensuring consistent cooling of product

Increased Cooling Capacity


Increased equipment capacity to allow for rapid cooling applications

     In order to reduce the drying effect of refrigeration on the product being tempered, the room environment is kept at high relative humidity levels utilizing efficient humidification systems. The high humidity levels reduce weight loss in the product during the rapid cooling process.